Omega Forms is focused on providing the highest quality of cloud computing services to a select few organizations that desire to have their data and business procedures streamlined in an all-encompassing, consistent, cost-effective, updatable, user-friendly platform. To this end, Omega Forms focuses first on the security, stability, and speed of services offered while vigilantly expanding its offerings to meet current and future business needs. Compromising the integrity of the platform or tarnishing the trust bestowed by clients is not an option.

The Software as a Service model is being used in providing the Omega Forms platform to take advantage of “The Cloud’s” key benefits. The ability to access the system from anywhere with a standard web browser and an Internet connection allows companies to not depend on an employee’s specific computer settings for mission critical computing needs. Centrally-hosted software allows collaboration among all users of the platform by providing direction in which the services can expand, allowing all to benefit from new features. Accelerated feature delivery is possible by Omega Forms from making an update in one location on the Internet and resulting in all users of the platform having instant access to the new content. Also, the underlying hardware, software, and expertise required to provide such services is offloaded from a business’ area or responsibility… allowing the business to focus on other matters more centric to its mission.