Form Composition: Components

Components are the contents of a form that provide functionality and access to data. While the position and properties of controls can be modified in the form’s Design Mode, access to all components are provided in the Components section to manage and troubleshoot from an overview of all items. Offline components are only accessible from this section.


The View menu allows you to select from a predefined filter of content: view only controls, popups, widgets, etc.

The Options menu allows you to add new content, delete selected content, apply a filter to the current content, make requests on controls, and to reset the current view. A link to Help content may also be available.

The Entry menu’s options are available when an component other than a control is selected: popup, form, printout, etc. The selected item can have its composition opened, be opened in design view, open or reload.

The Properties menu allows you to select from a predefined filter for properties. For example, selecting the “Subscript” option will result in only those properties that have fields related to Subscript. Properties Mode can also be selected; this will result in the Composition popup to shrink and only show the Properties section. From the Properties Mode, content that is selected from the main form will update the Properties section for updating content. This mode provides another way to access components other than selecting them from the Composition popup.

The Requests, Feedback, Pending, Updates, and Archives of controls can be accessed either from the Options menu or by double-clicking on the respective R-F-P-U-A cell of a control’s row: selecting the “P” opens the pending items, selecting the “U” opens the updates.


When the Properties datagrid is selected, the following keyboard keys can be used for advanced editing:

Tab: Move focus to the input Value.

Shift-Tab: Move focus back to the Components Datagrid. When the Value input is focused, move back to the Property Datagrid.

“E” or Up-Arrow: Move the selection up to the previous property.

“D” or Down-Arrow: Move the selection down to the next property.

“S” and “F” or Left-Arrow and Right-Arrow: Switch the input Value amongst available options.

“Z”: Delete the current inputted Value.

“X”: Cut the inputted Value to Composition’s Clipboard: does not overwrite the system’s clipboard.

“C”: Copy the inputted Value to Composition’s Clipboard: does not overwrite the system’s clipboard.

“V”: Past the Value from the Composition’s Clipboard to the currently selected property’s Value.

One update

  1. Hotkeys added for advanced editing: hotkeys are all located on the left-side of the keyboard.