Form Settings: Reports

Reports present organized data to users as information. A report must be Active to be opened. To have the report shown in lists of reports, ensure the Listed option is checked; only active reports will be listed. A Description provides a description to users when the report is listed.

Reports for a form can be managed from the “Reports” section found in the form’s settings.

Reports Section

One place the listed reports can be found is from the “Reports” option located under the “Omega Forms Options” menu:

Reports Menu

The following fields may be present when working with reports:
Title: The subject of the report, visible to other users.
Active: If checked, users are able to open the report if it has been setup.
Listed: If checked, users are able to select the report from the form’s menu and from the Omega Reports.
All Users: If checked, the report will be listed for all users, regardless of their access level to the form, from the Omega Reports. Enabling this option essentially makes the report public for all users.
Setup: This field is read-only for managers. Programmers are able to specify the report-based subscript which then setups the report.
Description: Details about the report that are shown to users in the Omega Reports.
Notes: Internal details that are visible by the form’s managers, designers, and programmers.

One update

  1. Details about the fields for reports have been added for Enterprise Edition.