Mission Statement


The mission of Omega Forms is to provide unbiased cloud services to select clients. In accomplishing this mission, the following general orders are adhered:


General Orders

  1. Take charge of services provided and all related client data.
  2. Maintain high personal and professional standards, keeping always on the alert of new security threats and be knowledgeable about ever changing technologies.
  3. Report all concerns to clients.
  4. Pass on any potentially pertinent information to clients.
  5. Quit for the day only when quality serveries are online.
  6. Follow all established protocols and be adaptable to current environment.
  7. Talk to no one about client related information.
  8. Give the alarm in case of fire or disorder.
  9. To call upon the knowledge of other professionals in any case where doubt arises.
  10. Respect clients as to be respected.
  11. Be vigilant during times of distress and maintain the highest standards of services possible.